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Experience the magic of historic Bumble Bee Arizona.

Nestled in a valley at the foot of the Bradshaw Mountains the 180 acre ranch and its surrounding 74,000 acres of trails are the perfect place to get-away-from-it-all. Bumble Bee Ranch includes the old town of Bumble Bee.

There are two stories how Bumble Bee got its name. The first, a miner ran into a large beehive while mining in a cave; the second, we believe to be the true story. The U.S. Calvary were sent to scout the area and to see how many Indians were here. When reporting their findings they said the Indians were as thick as bumble bees. There are Indian ruins everywhere with two archeological sites on the ranch property.

The town of Bumble Bee was founded in 1864 on the main stagecoach route between Phoenix and Flagstaff, via Prescott. It was once known as Snyder's Station, which was the center of social and economic activity in the area. Weary travelers stopped here on the three day trip between the two cities. Bumble Bee's economy was based on cattle ranching and sheep herding. It was also home to miners and prospectors seeking their fortunes of gold and silver in the Bradshaw Mountains. There are still a few ol' miners out in the mountains hoping to find the mother load.

Today the ranch is owned by Ken Kendrick who acquired its 180 acres and the town of Bumble Bee in 1998. In town are five cabins the ranch provides for its employees. The original general store still exists which also operated as a saloon and a gas station. The ranch manager and her family have a 10 acre homestead. The previous ranch owner maintains a cabin on ten acres at the south end of town and has open range grazing rights on 74,000 acres with the Bureau of Land Management. The ranch has access to this land for entertaining its guests. The historical school house sits on 1.4 acres and is privately owned. That completes the 201.4 private acres of Bumble Bee. The ranch/town are home to 19 people, over 40 horses, 3 goats, and a herd of 18 roping cattle.

Ken Kendrick's intent in acquiring the ranch was to make it available to the public. The ranch entertains tourists, corporate outings, family gatherings, weddings, saddle clubs, horse clinics, boy & girl scouts, and anyone else looking for a great western adventure.

In addition, the ranch provides a venue for many children’s charities. Charities such as the Foundation for Blind Children, Hope Kids, Mentor Kids USA, and many more organizations that come to visit and enjoy all the wonderful fun activities the ranch offers. Last year we entertained over 800 kids and guests for the Hope Kids event. When the ranch is not busy with public activities it is open for the children charities that qualify to come and play.

The ranch is a full service facility including catering and an event coordinating department. It is a blank canvas you can customize to fit your needs. There is a guest house, we call it the "Big House", camping sites, restroom and shower facilities, a large pavilion with seating for 175 and a fully stocked wet bar, stage and dance floor.

The ranch and its staff are flexible and eager to work with you. We have a fully equipped commercial kitchen that received the "Golden Plate Award" from Yavapai County, Arizona Health Department.

To plan you western adventure, please call Kelly at 623-374-0002.

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